As early as 1960, Kyodo Shiryo Co., Ltd., a major feed company in Japan, foresaw a bright future for the pet food industry in Japan and began to manufacture "Vita-One", a nutritional food for dogs. As the first company in the Japanese pet food industry, it consistently expanded its product line and sales volume.
In December 1963, Kyodo Shiryo established Nippon Pet Food Co., Ltd. to concentrate on and expand its pet food business. Nippon Pet Food continued the work of Kyodo, strengthening its sales network and developing a full line of high quality foods for dogs, cats, fish and birds, maintaining a reputation as the pioneer of the pet food industry in Japan.
Nippon Pet Food has developed a very efficient distribution network whose speed and accuracy has enabled it to offer its products through many types of sales out channels such as supermarkets, home supply centers, discount and convenience stores and pet shops throughout Japan. With the well-established network, pet owners can easily obtain its high quality foods for their pets, whenever they have need and wherever they are.
Demonstrating the company’s genuine sincerity for the welfare of pets, it established a Pet Consultation Service to assist pet owners in providing the best care to the pets. Staffed by trained veterinarians, knowledgeable pet specialists and professionals, the service offers advice and information on how best to raise pets, on health maintenance and other pet related issues. Interested pet owners can also obtain information pamphlets from the service on how to raise and build a better relationship with their pets.


Vita-One, the first pet food made in Japan, was launched by Kyodo Shiryo Co., Ltd.


Kyodo Shiryo established Nippon Pet Food Hambai Co., Ltd.


Nippon Pet Food Hambai was renamed to Nippon Pet Food Co., Ltd.

Koinoesa (current: Swimmy), food for aquarium fish, was launched.


Angel, food for goldfish, was released.


Chobi One Flake, weaning food for puppies, was launched.


Charmy, food for aquarium fish, was released.


Mummiele, milk for puppies, and Q-chan, food for hill myna, were launched.


Wet cat food Mimy was released.


Pet food manufacturing plant was established in Shizuoka Prefecture.


Dry cat food Mimy Dry was launched.


Soft dog food Vita-One Soft (current: Vita-One Fukkurana) was released.


Konekono Milk, milk for kittens, was launched.


Pet Food Laboratory was established in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture.


Dry dog food Vita-One Mix (current: Vita-One Itsutsuno Kenko Balance) was released.


Wet cat food Mimy Mio (current: Mio) was launched.


Dry cat food Mimy Mio Dry Mix (current: Mio Dry Mix) was released.


Dry dog food Vita-One Combo (current: Combo Dog) was launched.


Pet Food Laboratory was relocated to the premises of the Shizuoka Plant.


Dry cat food Mio Combo (current: Combo Cat) was released.


Shizuoka Plant and Laboratory obtained ISO14001.


All the offices of Nippon Pet Food acquired ISO9001.

Dry dog food D’s Select Beauty-Pro (current: BEAUTY pro Dog) was launched.


Dry cat food Beauty-Pro Cat was released.


The 50th Anniversary of Vita-One’s sales

Redesigned corporate logo and brand logos for Vita-One and Mio

Renamed Pet Food Laboratory to Healthy Food Science Research Center


The 50th Anniversary of the founding of Nippon Pet Food


Dry dog food Lacine LAB, food for specific dog breeds, was launched. (current: LACINE)