Vita-One, the first dog food made in Japan. The long history is a proof of trust.

We want to support health and longevity of dogs who live in hot and humid climate in Japan. We have poured the passion into Vita-One. Since 1960, it has delivered taste and health to dogs throughout Japan.


Dry Dog Food


Nutrition design considering the health of dogs living in Japan.

Vita-One Five Health Balance

Mixed type of complete balanced diet food can nicely nourish one day's nutrition.

Vita-One Cheesy

We add 4 kinds of cheese in abundance for dogs who are cheese lovers.

Semi Moist Dog Food

Vita-One Fukkurana

This semi-moist food mixes meat and vegetables in a well-balanced manner.

Vita-One Mocchirifukkura

Use domestic chicken to produce soft and fluffy texture of small kibble.

Vita-One W Soft

Perfect for both daily meal and treats! Moist cube kibbles fuel appetite of your pets.

Wet Dog Food

Vita-One Goo!

Tray type wet food is mixed well with selected ingredients and juicy meat.

Dog Treat

Vita-One Kun's Treat Series

Delicious snack containing rich fragrance will make dogs happy.