Corporate Brand Concept

  • Design Concept

    Corporate design simply expresses orthodox quality feeling by portraying palatability of pet food and face of healthy pet with lolling its tongue. Corporate color is red which calls up an image of warmth and affection that people have on their pets.

  • Brand Identity Concept

    We offer the pet food nurtured in distinct climate, life style and dietary habits in Japan.

    Japan is abundant in nature with four seasons and rich in a variety of ingredients. Under such living environment, we have developed habits to eat seasonal ingredients in a balanced manner through the year. Combination of a wide variety of ingredients constitutes excellent nutrient balance and reputation of Japanese food as "healthy food" is now well established in the world.

    The brand concept of Nippon Pet Food reflects our belief that superior culture of Japanese food should be applied to pet food. The belief has become foundation of our company’s corporate brand and lead to our objective to provide much value to pets lived in Japan.

  • Corporate Brand Statement

    "Trust in the pet food passed from generation to generation."

    We have received letters from many customers to tell us "our pet has fed Vita One and it kept healthy and enjoyed a long life." Nippon Pet Food makes adjustment of nutrient balance and guaranteed ingredients for the products to fit living environment of pets in Japan. Pets eat well as pet food is good, and they keep healthy and live long. The pet food will continue to be fed and inherited from one generation to the next.

    The statement "Trust in the pet food passed from generation to generation." represents such a simple life cycle of pets and pet foods.

Three Values to Hold Brand of Nippon Pet Food

  • Healthy Food Science Research Center

    Research Starts with Hearing from Pets

    Mission of the laboratory is to pursue health and longevity of pets. The Healthy Food Science Research Center has the longest history of laboratory specialized in pet food in Japan, and pet professionals including veterinarian, specialists for nutrition and feeding management make up a team to do scientific and practical research of pets’ meal.

  • Product Design Concept of Nippon Pet Food

    Consider Health of Pets based on Idea of Japanese Food

    In 1977, McGovern Report was released and it made Japanese food known as the healthiest food for human being in the world.

    "Food Pyramid" was created to show excellent nutritional balance after publication of the report.

    Dogs have become more omnivorous through cohabitation with human beings, and recent research has confirmed dogs need nutritional balance similar to human beings.

  • "Quality 5" - Five Quality Standards Guaranteed by Shizuoka Factory

    Nippon Pet Food organizes quality standard of production system as "Quality 5" to guarantee excellent quality of our Shizuoka Factory. We will keep offering comfort and safety to the valued customers by setting and complying with quality standards for all of the five elements, raw material, production, ingredients, palatability and design.

    • Raw Material

      We select raw material based on experience and expertise developed through manufacturing pet food for over 50 years and cutting-edge science technology.

    • Production

      Shizuoka Factory is the manufacturing plant specialized in pet food with reliable quality management.

    • Ingredients

      We develop products based on standards of nutrient component necessary for pets to grow in a healthy manner.

    • Palatability

      We offer palatability to fit taste and life style of pets.

    • Design

      We design products based on study and experimental proof for health and longevity of pets.

    Shizuoka Factory - State of the Art Manufacturing Plant with ISO9001 Certification

    • Well-selected Raw Material

      Comply with laws and regulations and use only raw material which satisfies quality standards in the inspection department.

    • Thorough Quality Check System

      Conduct thorough quality checks by three departments of manufacturing, quality control and quality assurance.

    • Deliver Tasty Pet Foods

      We can deliver fresh products to pets living in Japan since products are made in Shizuoka Factory located at the center of the country.