Quality & Safety

Manufacturing Plant & Research Center

Shizuoka Plant Supporting High Quality of Products

Shizuoka Plant was constructed at Asaba-cho, Iwata-gun, (currently Fukuroi City), Shizuoka Prefecture in 1972. Through plant expansion in 1983 and 1991, it has become state-of-the art factory specialized in pet food and manufactures our major products. It is proud of being the largest pet food manufacturing plant in Japan in its size and turnover with solid quality control system.
The plant has several production lines including the largest cooking machine specialized for pet food in Japan and automatic packaging lines which can deal with various types of products. With those equipment, we keep providing with high quality of products to satisfy the need of pet food market which is constantly changing.

Strategies to Improve Safety and Security

Food Safety Management System

Food Safety Policy

  • We provide safe and secure products to support healthy diet of pets.
  • We comply with not only laws and regulations on food safety but also the requirements of food safety we have promised with our customers.
  • We make continuous improvement of food safety management system by setting the food safety goal at the beginning of a fiscal year and reviewing it regularly.
  • We develop human resources with high level of awareness for food safety through keeping this Food Safety Policy informed to all the employees and providing educational program.
June 1st, 2019
Nippon Pet Food Co.,Ltd.
Toshitsugu Katayama


We provide safe and secure products supported by the international standard in response to growing interest and needs for customers' safety.
(ISO 22000 certification is an international standard including the hygiene management method of HACCP.)

Healthy Food Science Research Center

  • Research Starts with Hearing from Pets

    Mission of the laboratory is to pursue health and longevity of pets. The Healthy Food Science Research Center has the longest history of laboratory specialized in pet food in Japan, and pet professionals including veterinarian, specialists for nutrition and feeding management make up a team to do scientific and practical research of pets' meal.